2022 Review Proves Side Piece Pizza Is The Best in Summerlin

2022 Review Proves Side Piece Pizza Is The Best in Summerlin

Celebrities, Specials, and Deals–Oh My! Side Piece Is The Best Pizza Pie

Side Piece Pizza is delicious enough that it speaks for itself, but they truly outdid themselves in 2022. From their creative limited special pizzas to their amazing incentives, Side Piece Pizza showed exactly why they are one of the best restaurants in Summerlin. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see some of the latest and greatest Side Piece had to offer this year. 

Special Pies For You 

Chef Enzo and crew really went all out in 2022 when it came to creating some of Side Piece Pizza’s limited-time specials. Some were holiday-themed like the Al Pastor Pizza for Cinco de Mayo or the Red, White, and Blue pie for the Fourth of July. Others were centered around customer care, like the crucial Bloody Mary Hangover Pizza that rejuvenated many a Side Piecer. Some other great creations were the Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the BBQ Chicken Pizza, which became fan favorites for many. A tip of the chef’s hat to you, Side Piece! 

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Side Piece Pizza started off 2022 strong by offering free deliveries on Monday through Wednesday. They had ½ off Wednesdays where you get half off one of Side Piece’s signature 22-inch cheese pizzas. There’s even their $10 lunch special of a piece of pizza, fries, and soft drink every weekday from 11 AM – 3 PM so you can save every day of the week. Side Piece finished off the year strong with their Sunday Fanfeast Special. For only $45 you’ll get two 14’’ pizzas with a choice of one topping; 2 large salads–either the Tuscan or The Caesar and 2 orders of garlic knots with marinara dipping sauce. Stay tuned for these deals and even more savings sprees in 2023! 

Stars in Our Pies 

Side Pizza Pizza is so good that it got plenty of celebrity dues in 2022. In January, Real Fat Boy French became famous when he won the Dream Pizza contest with his French’s choice pizza! His pizza with pesto/alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, peppers, parmesan cheese, and arugula made him a Side Piece Star. In May, UFC’s Dana White came into Side Piece Pizza and touted his fav, the Chicken Parm pizza. Even the Easter Bunny stopped by on his travels for a Side Piece fix. Vegas’s own foodie jayteetakesabite featured Side Piece this November with his rave reviews. So much love for the best pizza in Summerlin this year, it could make a pizzaiolo seem like he was blushing–but it’s probably just a glow from the pizza ovens. 


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