5 Things You Might Not Know About Greene Street

5 Things You Might Not Know About Greene Street

Greene Street Kitchen – A New Vegas Destination

You may have heard that Greene Street Kitchen is one of the hottest new restaurants in Las Vegas. You may have read reviews online raving about our delicious food, cool decor, or great drinks. But there’s probably still quite a bit you don’t know about Greene Street! 

From our venue’s unique New York City inspiration to our innovative menu offerings and yes, even a direct connection to outer space, here are five things you might not know about Greene Street Kitchen, conveniently located in the world famous Palms Casino

Greene Street - Street Sign - Black & white

  1. It’s a Slice of New York History. Greene Street takes its inspiration––and its name––from New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. 

The story of SoHo in a nutshell? What was formerly an industrial district that had fallen into disrepair began to see new life in the 70s and 80s as an artistic community. It was in this area that artists like Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf were active during their heyday. 

Greene Street was one of the focal points of the vibrant art scene that put this neighborhood on the map. 

Greene Street Kitchen strives to capture some of that raw artistic energy of this unforgettable New York era in our Las Vegas space. 

Graffiti Wall - Greene Street Kitchen

  1. Amazing Art and Design. Greene Street Kitchen isn’t just inspired by an artistic era: it’s a work of art in and of itself. 

The art-rich experience of your visit starts with the entrance, which might look like a vintage Coca-Cola refrigerator but is in fact a secret, speakeasy-style entrance. Once you enter the space, you’ll find an old-school video arcade style theme, featuring working games and a ton of incredible art. 

Throughout the space, you’ll find works by Vhils, Rob “Ces,” DABS MYLA, Martha Cooper, and Kenny Scharf. Read more about our museum-worthy art collection here!

Greene Street - Vegan menu items

  1. Vegan Food Options FTW. Nope: Greene Street isn’t a vegan restaurant. But it’s a vegan paradise nonetheless, with some truly epic vegan dining options on our menu. Among the many highlights? 
  • Veggie Summer Rolls: These tasty and fresh vittles are served up with jalapeno lime ponzu and an addictive chipotle peanut sauce.
  • Hearts of Palm Salad: Hearts of palm are harvested from the inside of palm trees. They’re incredibly tender, juicy, and delicious. They’re the star of the show in this salad, which is served with a tasty jalapeno vinaigrette.
  • No Way!! Vegan Sliders: These are a far cry from the average veggie burger. Even meat eaters love them! They’re served with vegan Thousand Island dressing on sesame seed buns.  
  • Organic Avocado Bruschetta: Everyone loves avocado toast, right? This is even better. Our vegan bruschetta features ripe avocado, heirloom tomato, and micro lemon basil on focaccia bread. 

Read more about our vegan menu here. Of course, we have plenty of other items on our menu, so there’s something for everyone, meat eater, vegan, and all points in between! 

Tropical Pineapple Cocktail

  1. Our Cocktails Are Off the Hook. Just as our decor and menu will wow you…so will our drinks. You’ve never seen anything quite like our cocktails! 

These works of drinkable wonder include innovative and exciting new ingredients, so you’re really in for a brave new flavor adventure.

For example? Our Rook cocktail is made with Bombay Sapphire East Gin, pesto syrup, lime, and pink peppercorn. How many cocktails have you ever seen with an ingredients list like that?

Our Krylon cocktail is similarly creative, and contains Barsol Pisco, Lime Leaf, Meyer Lemon, and Sunflower Seed Syrup.  

No matter what cocktail you choose from our menu, it’s bound to knock your socks off. 


  1. Dessert is Served Direct From Outer Space. At Greene Street, our dessert is positively cosmic. Have you heard of Phil the space alien? You’ll love to meet him…and to eat him. 

Phil’s original inspiration is a traditional dessert called Baked Alaska. In case you’re not familiar, it’s a showstopper of a dessert. It is composed of ice cream and cake completely enrobed by a fluffy meringue which is briefly broiled or torched before serving for a truly unique hot-and-cold sweet sensation. 

Phil takes it a few steps further. In this unique dessert, which is officially called “Space Invader” on our menu, the base includes angel food cake, strawberry sorbet, and cereal milk ice cream infused with “space dust” made from Fruity Pebbles. 

The melange of sweet treats is coated with a galactic green Italian Meringue, then briefly torched to crispy and cook the meringue. The sweet unit is then placed on a perfect portion of crème anglaise and drizzled with coulis and more space dust.  

But wait, there’s more! Phil is decorated with a sweet alien face and positioned on a dry ice platform that makes for a dramatic cloud display when served. You won’t forget this dessert any time soon! 

Get to Know Greene Street! 

As you can see, Greene Street Kitchen isn’t afraid to be a little bit daring and different. Come discover all that we have to offer! We invite you to make a reservation today and see the restaurant that has everyone in Vegas (and beyond) talking! 

What’s your favorite thing about Greene Street? Leave a comment and let us know!