6 Reasons to Visit the Newest Palms Casino Restaurant

6 Reasons to Visit the Newest Palms Casino Restaurant

What Makes Greene St. Kitchen Special?

In case you haven’t heard, Greene St. Kitchen is the newest restaurant to hit Las Vegas, and it’s done so with eclectic, bold style. Situated in the PALMS Casino Resort, Greene St. Kitchen is far from your typical Vegas restaurant. In fact, everything about this restaurant is special, from its inspiration to its entrance to its wildly popular space alien desert creature. 

The Inspiration

Boho Chic Art of Greene Street Kitchen - Palms Casino Restaurant

Whereas so many other Vegas restaurants are trying to do things that are new, cutting-edge, and different, Greene St. Kitchen draws its inspiration from the past. In a salute to New York City’s 1970s Soho district, we’ve imbued the restaurant with hints of hip hop, punk, and pop culture. Artistry is everywhere, from the graffiti decorating the walls to the names of our signature cocktails. A little gritty, a little Boho chic, Greene St. isn’t afraid to be different. 

The Arcade

Arcade at Greene St Kitchen - Palms Casino Restaurant

Like the speakeasies of old, the Greene St. Kitchen entrance is tucked away in a location that’s right in front of you. Step into our old-school video arcade, complete with working games. That vintage Coca-Cola refrigerator might look like it’s only there to store drinks, but it’s actually the entrance into Greene St. There’s just no better way to start off your night than with this unique entrance into our memorable restaurant. 

The Décor

BRUNCH'N Waitresses in Costume with Donut Umbrella at Greene Street Kitchen

While the arcade may make for a memorable entrance from the Palms Casino, the interior of the restaurant doesn’t disappoint, either. We’ve curated an incredible variety of authentic art pieces to keep you entertained during your meal, and be sure to stop by and view the authentic Banksy that hangs on the wall. Strategic lighting makes for countless photo ops, and you’re sure to have friends wondering where your stunning new Instagram photos were taken. 

Executive Chef Joe Zanelli

Greene St. Kitchen Executive Chef Joe Zanelli has imbued the menu with creativity, amazing flavor, and dishes inspired by SoHo. Chef Zanelli brings a wealth of experience to Greene St. He attended the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, worked at the World Trade Center in Boston under Chef Tom Barton, and later worked for Wolfgang Puck at Spago. Additional career highlights include working at Cello under Laurent Tourondel, opening Pazo with Patricia Yeo, and working as Executive Chef of Mansion at MGM Grand. In 2015, he opened the Jardin restaurant with the Wynn team; today, Jardin does approximately 1,000 covers each day and earns 14 million in revenue each year. 

Chef Zanelli’s veteran experience in the industry ensures that Greene St. Kitchen is under excellent leadership, and Chef Zanelli’s menu has already been well-received. Chef Zanelli led a Greene St. Kitchen supper series pop up at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. During that event, he served celebrities including Kevin Bacon, David Arquette, and Zac Efron. 

The Menu

A Sampling from Greene St Kitchen's Menu - Palms Casino Restaurant

Greene St.’s menu is inspired by the art community, and each plate blends together flavors, textures, and colors for a multi-sensory experience. Choose from a varied menu including vegan and organic dishes, tableside hot rock offerings, fresh seafood plates, and more. Then, delight in a cocktail as unique and creative as the Soho artists were. Our eclectic menu is one that you won’t find elsewhere, and ensures that you’ll have plenty of new dishes to explore every time you visit. 

Phil the Space Alien

Space Invader at Greene ST Kitchen

We wouldn’t let you end your meal here at Greene St. with anything that’s less than unique, and that’s why Phil the space alien has become a showstopper on Greene St. tables. Phil, also known as The Space Invader, is our creative spin on a traditional Baked Alaska. But don’t be fooled – nothing about Phil is traditional. 

Phil features a delicious blend of angel food cake, strawberry sorbet, and cereal milk ice cream infused with Fruity Pebbles space dust. Phil is topped with a galactic green Italian Meringue, torched just a bit, and then positioned in crème anglaise topped with a drizzle of strawberry coulis and a bit of Fruity Pebble space dust.  

Simply being carried to your table is too boring for Phil, and that’s why he makes his entrance on a spaceship-inspired platform with clouds of steam from dry ice. Phil’s arrival at your table – and the deliciousness of devouring him – is an experience you and your party won’t soon forget. 

Come See the New Palms Casino Restaurant for Yourself

Unique, bold, and distinctive, Greene St. Kitchen is changing things up in Las Vegas. The restaurant is already receiving rave reviews, and with good reason – dining here is an experience like no other. But don’t take our word for it – come see Greene St. Kitchen for yourself! 

Get your friends and family together, make a reservation, and come see why Greene St. Kitchen is not only the most adventurous new restaurant at the legendary Palms Casino, it’s the most exciting new restaurant to hit Las Vegas.