Deep Thoughts–Not Deep Dish–With Side Piece Pizza

Deep Thoughts–Not Deep Dish–With Side Piece Pizza

Side Piece Pizza Delivers Intellectual Info as well as the Best Pizza in Summerlin 

Pizza is such a staple of daily life and culture that we often don’t really think much about it except when and where we’re going to get it. Most people know the three main basic ingredients for pizza: bread, sauce, and cheese. Although there are many variations for all of those, when it comes to cheese the standard has always been mozzarella. The reasons why are a little bizarre and almost sound like someone describing a dream they had–probably because it involves scientists, water buffaloes, and kneading cheese like bread. 

Why Is That Buffalo All Wet?

The word “buffalo” conjures an image of the hairy, towering beasts commonly found frolicking near the Oregon Trail. So, for Americans, to learn that mozzarella cheese was originally made in Italy with buffalo milk might be very confusing. Luckily, some international publication took pity and noted that it was water buffalos–common in Europe–so we can all be on the same universal page. Even though there were plentiful amounts of dairy cows in Italy back in the day, (water) buffalo milk is twice as rich in protein and fat, way more digestible, and packed with vitamins. No one knows why or when people started making mozzarella with milk from dairy cows, but it happened. That’s why Mozzarella di Bufala is certified DOC (controlled designation of origin) and is still made with buffalo milk. It’s also the best, which is why Side Piece Pizza uses it.  

We Knead More Answers

Mozzarella is named after how it’s made and not after an Italian princess who really liked cheese. Mozzare in Italian literally means “to cut off” which is terrifying to most Italian children who have heard it used in the same sentence as dita (fingers) or maninis (little hands) if they keep interrupting their nonna when she’s cooking, but in regards to cheese, it just means it’s cut a certain way. Basically, mozzarella is made just like bread rolls: it’s kneaded, stretched out, cut, then rolled into little balls. If the name seems unusual, remember that it could have possibly been called palle di bufala (balls of buffalo), which would have made it way less appealing and prevented its popularity. 

Ph.D. in Pizza

Scientists unraveled one of life’s greatest mysteries in 2014–no not what killed the dinosaurs or how to cure cancer–but why mozzarella is the perfect pizza cheese. That’s actually what the title of the article in Smithsonian magazine was “Scientists Figure Out Why Mozzarella Is the Perfect Pizza Cheese” in case you were worried scientists had suddenly gotten creative. All kidding aside, they did conclude that mozzarella cheese has “perfect consistency” that doesn’t collect a lot of grease or burn easily. That has something to do with its elasticity and oil and water content, which sound like words you learn if you don’t skip your 8 am lectures in college. While this is certainly a fascinating conclusion for the science community, it basically just proves something most laymen have known since the beginning: mozzarella is tasty and easy to use. 

Side Piece Pizza may not have a Ph.D. in physics, but they are professional pizzaiolos who know their stuff, how to stuff it, and what cheese to stuff it with. Whether they’re using DOC mozzarella or adding in additional cheeses on their pies, you’ll shout cries of joy each time you try a slice.