Delivery Hacks and More for Ordering Side Piece Pizza

Delivery Hacks and More for Ordering Side Piece Pizza

Ordering Side Piece Pizza: Learn How To Work Smarter Not Harder For Your Pizza Fix 

October is National Pizza Month! 94% of people in the United States eat pizza regularly and average 46 slices a year, with 3 billion pizzas total sold annually. This is probably why there’s an entire month dedicated to pizza rather than just a day or week. There’s no question that Americans love their pizza, and if they’re hankering for some, they’re going to get it. Side Piece Pizza has multiple methods like pick-up and delivery to get you your pizza STAT. But because Side Piece Pizza is the best in Summerlin, they also have these great hacks for ordering pick-up or delivery. 

It’s All About Timing  

A new study found that Sunday is actually the most popular day for ordering pizza rather than Saturday. That’s mainly because pizza is a great hangover food, and delivery options make it so you don’t have to leave the house to hunt and gather when you’re hurting. The peak time for people wanting pizza is around 7 pm, so make sure you’re ahead of the game so you won’t experience lines or wait times. Tuesday and Wednesday are the second and third most popular days for pizza, respectively, but having the Slice app installed or Side Piece Pizza on speed dial (702-640-0664) will give you a leg up in getting to the front of the queue. Craving pizza on Thursday? Great–that’s the day it’s least in demand–for most pizza places. Side Piece Pizza is always hot–in more ways than one. 

Reward Yourself, Then Do It Again 

Side Piece has more ways to order a pizza than Nick Cannon has children, with traditional in-person, call-ahead, the Side Piece website, Slice App, GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash. The second-party delivery apps have lots of rewards incentives, like Slice Rewards where you collect points for every order over $15, then get a free large cheese pizza worth up to $25 when you collect 8 points. If you’re a member of Side Piece’s Loyalty Program, you’ll also earn a point with Side Piece for every dollar spent, getting a $30 discount when you reach 150 points. It’s pretty much the “double your pleasure, double your fun” of pizza ordering and delivery. 

Other Great Tips for Ordering Side Piece Pizza

If you’re in the neighborhood and want to pick up your Side Piece order, we’ll have it ready and waiting for you. To make sure it stays piping hot for when you get home, turn your seat warmers on for a genius way to keep your pizza at the perfect temp. No seat warmers? Use your sunshade! The aluminum fabric mimics a portable pizza warmer. If you’re worried about your pizza sliding around, place a water bottle on the seat so it keeps things level and secure. Lastly, if you want to get two meals out of one trip, order an extra pizza and freeze it for later in the week. Do this on Side Piece’s half-off pizza Wednesday and you’ll save yourself time and money.