Greene Street Kitchen is a Las Vegas Art-Lovers’ Paradise

Greene Street Kitchen is a Las Vegas Art-Lovers’ Paradise

Greene Street’s Graffiti Makes this Vegas Restaurant a Work of Art

In New York City, Greene Street is located in the middle of the bustling SoHo art scene. Filled with galleries, gorgeous loft buildings, and inspiring street art, it’s impossible to not be taken in by the vibrant energy of this artistic epicenter. Miles away in Las Vegas at Greene Street Kitchen, we’ve channeled some of that artistic energy into our space by featuring a variety of world-class art in our memorable space.

From icons from the New York art scene to up and coming creators, we have an eclectic collection that is truly a feast for the eyes. In this post, we’ll offer up an introduction to some of the prolific muralists and graffiti artists featured in this iconic Las Vegas space.


Originally from Portugal, artist Alexandre Farto, AKA Vhils, has been an active street artist since the early 2000s. He’s known for a groundbreaking bas-relief carving technique that was the basis of his groundbreaking Scratching the Surface project, which put him on the map in Lisbon in 2007 and later at the Cans Festival in London. His work has been celebrated as one of the most compelling street art approaches in the past decade.

Inspired by the ever-changing nature of cities and the urban environment, Vhils applies methods of creative destruction in his art, not only creating beautiful works but offering a commentary on material culture.

His graffiti and performance art work has been presented in over 30 countries in both solo and group exhibitions, including Paris, Beijing, and San Diego. We’re proud to showcase his work here at Greene Street in Las Vegas!

Rob “Ces”

Born in the Bronx in the 1970s, Robert Michael Provenzano (Rob Ces, also sometimes known as Wish) began his graffiti career in the early 80s. He was influenced by some of the original NYC street artists who created vast works of graffiti on subway trains and walls, and is considered one of the pioneers of the writing known as “wildstyle”.

Ces’s work has been widely copied, but never matched. He’s produced murals in various countries and continents, and has been profiled in many videos such as FX, a video about NYC graffiti writers. Ces’s work features prominently into the Greene Street aesthetic.


This Australian husband and wife duo have a unique style with a constant framework of subject matter, positioning, color theory, and perspective. This framework allows them to tell a visual story with their work, which features panorama, micro points of view, and very deliberate positioning of objects.

Their work is particularly well suited to immersive environments that allow their whimsy and style to shine. This willingness to be collaborative and inclusive of the environment allows their work to shine, and makes it right at home at Greene Street.  

Cleon Peterson

LA-based Cleon Peterson is known for his chaotic and violent paintings featuring clashing figures. His work is full of symbolism, showing the struggle between power and the surrender of submission in the ever-fluctuating modern society.

The imagery is strong and evocative, not just because of the visual quality but because it is so relevant to the world we are living in. It is relevant to the violence in the Middle East and makes commentary on the escalating geopolitical turmoil across the globe. Inspired by influences as wide-ranging as Greco-Roman vases to the paintings of Caravaggio and Goya, Cleon Peterson’s work is bound to cause a stir at Greene Street.  

Martha Cooper

Born in 1942, Martha Cooper grew up in a photography-forward family; her father and uncle both owned camera stores. From a young age, she would join her father at the Baltimore Camera Club, and her first photographs were taken around the age of three.

She’s grown a lot artistically since then, and her work has been shown in such prestigious venues as the Museum of the City of New York, MOCA Los Angeles, the Pera Museum in Istanbul, and Urbannation in Berlin–to name a few.

Her first book, Subway Art (a collaboration with Henry Chalfant) has been reprinted many times, and is referred to as “the bible” by several graffiti artists, having outsold nearly every other book on the subject on the market. Greene Street is pleased to showcase Martha’s work!

Kenny Scharf

Considered an icon of the NYC street arts scene, Scharf has been active for over 30 years. He’s established in painting, sculpture, and performance, featuring a signature style with his iconic character-driven and personality-rich works.

While he’s got extensive experience as an artist, according to his artist statement, his original approach has not changed: “it is a personal challenge to produce the best work possible every time. One very important and guiding principle to my work is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of fine art and connect to popular culture through my art. My personal ambition has always been to live the example.” We’re proud to let him lead by example at Greene Street.


Born Kelly Graval, RISK, also known as RISKY, is a Los Angeles-based graffiti artist and fashion entrepreneur. He got his start in the 80s, gaining notoriety for a unique style that pushed the limits of graffiti. He was one of the first So-Cal freight train graffiti pioneers, and was one of the first artists to write on “heavens” or freeway overpasses in the area.

He successfully transitioned from the streets and into the gallery scene with the Third Rail series of art shows, later transitioning into clothing design inspired by graffiti. His unique work is one of the calling cards of Greene Street.

Jordan Pose

Also known as POSE, this artist is known for his ability to take everyday objects and throwaway things and introduce them to the world as concepts that provoke thought.

His work relies on harnessing simple and universal human emotions like love, loss, and triumph. However, they are presented in a complex union of vivid colors and exciting applications that have bigger goals than just creating something “pretty”. He wants to go for something more profound than surface level.

Grandiose outdoor settings, large murals, and visual worlds are the hallmarks of his style, taking inspiration from the world around him in all sorts of ways. His work has matured from graffiti into a unique studio style with multiple layers and dimensions, blending illustration, comic book aesthetics, and lettering.

In his words, “I try to push my art into new realms by creating new challenges for myself. I get bored quickly if the work seems redundant and I’m not learning anything new…I find myself the most inspired by challenges and uncomfortable territory.”


This muralist, graffiti artist, and painter earned his BFA from Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan, and was chosen to participate in the Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (ARCO) in Madrid shortly after. He hasn’t slowed down since.

He’s been the organizer of two big art events in Puerto Rico: Fuego a la Lata (2007) and Arecibo Street Art Project (2015). The latter was an initiative to rehabilitate abandoned buildings through art. He is also known for offering the first exhibition of graffiti on canvas, Virtuosos del Aerosol at Galería Enlaces in San Juan (2002).

His work has been shown extensively in the United States, Japan, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain and Israel. The hallmark of his urban work is the symbol of a toaster and the phrase “Seguimos Tostando” (We’ll keep toasting). His work fits right in at Greene Street Kitchen.

OG Slick 

Notorious is a word that is appropriate to describe OG Slick! He’s been active in the New York Graffiti scene since the 1980s, and is considered an icon. His work has been featured everywhere from the streets to films, music videos, skateboards, and T-shirts.

He’s known for his part in the legendary SLICK and HEX battle, one of the most famous graffiti battles in graffiti history. He’s also known for his album cover art, most notably The Pharcyde’s debut album “Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde”

Art is a Way of Life at Vegas’ Greene Street Kitchen

As you can see, Greene Street Kitchen does not take its artistic inspiration lightly. We feature some of the best and most innovative urban and street artists from New York and beyond. We believe that by featuring this incredible collection of artists, we truly can offer a piece of the artistic energy of New York right in Las Vegas!

Who’s your favorite artist featured at Greene Street Kitchen?

Located in the world famous Palms Resort & Casino, Greene Street Kitchen has a little something for everyone. Make your reservations now!