Have Your Holiday Movie Night With Side Piece Pizza

Have Your Holiday Movie Night With Side Piece Pizza

Snuggle Up With Side Piece Whether You’re All Together or Home Alone Over The Holidays 

There’s plenty of debate over what is the best holiday movie of all time, and there are many great options to choose from. However, there’s only a single holiday movie where pizza is featured throughout: Home Alone. Incorporate two great things in one this movie night with Side Piece Pizza, especially since pizza often gets overlooked this time of year in favor of cookies, roast beast, sugar plums, and candy canes. But, it’s actually the perfect holiday food. It’s a delicious dish that brings joy to all and is so easy to get that even a ten-year-old kid without parental supervision can get it for a meal. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party and rocking around the Christmas tree or your family accidentally left you when they went to Paris, Side Piece Pizza is the best pizza to have over the holidays. 

Pizza, Take One

Like the number of times Santa checks his list, pizza is featured twice in Home Alone. It actually serves as the catalyst to the opening scene: the McCalister clan is chaotically prepping for their trip when the pizza delivery guy from Little Nero’s Pizza screeches up and knocks over the statue in their driveway. Kevin spilling all over the pizza provides the memorable line, “look what you did, ya little jerk” and the reason he gets shunned to the third floor to sleep alone, leading to his being overlooked in the rush the next morning. Unlike the fictional Little Nero’s, Side Piece Pizza’s delivery is seamless and far less destructive to your lawn decor. Another reason why Side Piece Pizza is the best! 

Meta Pizza

Pizza is also the driving force behind the memorable scene where Kevin avoids being caught without any adults in the home by using the “classic” gangster movie Angels With Filthy Souls to have his pizza delivered without having to open the door. Fun fact–that movie was actually written and filmed specifically for Home Alone–it’s not a real movie! Like the kid in the 1985 Dodge Omni, the scene definitely delivers, and we get to see the all-so-satisfying moment of a kid enjoying “a lovely cheese pizza, just for me.” Another classic cinematic moment brought to you by pizza. Just please don’t attempt to recreate when ordering Side Piece this holiday season: it’s not very Christmasy to tell you’re delivery driver to “keep the change, ya filthy animal,” when it’s only twenty cents, even if he didn’t bring enough cheese pizzas last time. 

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