Let Side Piece Pizza Be the Main Course This Friendsgiving

Let Side Piece Pizza Be the Main Course This Friendsgiving

Side Piece Pizza Keeps Friendsgiving Light, Breezy, Fun, and Easy 

Friendsgiving is an amazing holiday that no one really knows the origin of but most people love to celebrate regardless. Some people celebrate it by hosting big Pinterest-worthy spreads of food and decor or by going out and hitting the bars. If your friend group is more lowkey or not up for all the cooking and cleaning, then why not order some Side Piece Pizza for Friendsgiving and stay in? You can still have the decorations and cute outfits without coming undone trying to emulate Julia Childs in the kitchen. Plus, everyone will love what you serve if it’s from Side Piece! So order up some pies with your pals and play some of these fun Friendsgiving games that will have you rolling like Chef Enzo while he makes your pizza.  

Most Likely To

Each person gets a few small pieces of paper that say “Most Likely To ______” and fills in the blank with something they think is weird, silly, funny, etc. The pieces are folded, thrown into a bowl, and then mixed up. One person draws a slip of paper and reads the category out loud. Everyone takes a few moments to write down on a notepad or sheet of paper who in the group they think fits the category the best, and then you take turns reading out your answers. It’s basically like a live-action Senior Superlative but with categories too wild or inappropriate for the high school yearbook. This game always ends up making everyone laugh! 

Draw The Sentence 

There’s really no official name for this game or any requirements but a pen/pencil and a sheet of notebook paper. This is basically like if the games Telephone and Pictionary had a baby. To start, section the paper into 6 horizontal sections. Half of the people in your group will draw a picture of anything they want, while the other half will come up with a sentence. The weirder, more abstract, and sillier the better. Next, you pass the paper to the person on the left. If the person receives a picture, they have to write a sentence describing it underneath. If they receive a sentence, they have to attempt to draw a picture representing the sentence underneath. Before passing to the next person, fold over the paper so only the last person’s addition is visible. Repeat the process until you run out of room or get back to the original owner. Unfold the paper and read the ridiculous sequences and typically horrendous drawing attempts for a lot of great laughs!

Tall Boy Roulette 

This game takes a little preplanning and a lot of commitment toward follow-through. Each attendee purchases a tall boy of their choice puts it in a plain, brown paper bag, and brings it to Friendsgiving. The host gathers the bags together and arranges them so no one knows what is inside. You can either choose to all grab at a tall boy at once or to draw names and watch them be unveiled one by one. Either way, if you sign up to play, you have to be okay with drinking and finishing whatever you get. This is where you will really find out how twisted and sinister your friends are but in a fun way. The best part of this game is that there’s a large chance that no matter what you get, it’ll either taste great with or be made to taste better with Side Piece Pizza! 

Get Side Piece Pizza Delivered This Friendsgiving

Side Piece Pizza makes pizza delivery in Summerlin easier than ever. Whether it is ordering online, using the Slice App, or just your good old-fashioned call-in order, we got you covered when you are craving that perfect pizza.