Lift Your Spirits With a Delivery From Side Piece Pizza This Halloween 

Lift Your Spirits With a Delivery From Side Piece Pizza This Halloween 

Let Side Piece Pizza Make Dinner This Halloween Monday 

This Halloween feels more like a trick than a treat since it falls on a Monday. It’s bad enough that Monday nights are usually exhausting since they’re the start of the work week, but add in either taking the kids trick or treating and/or having to answer the doorbell every 20 seconds, and you can forget about being able to make dinner. That makes it a perfect night to order Side Piece Pizza. They’ll deliver you a piping hot pizza right to your door, and if you order with the Slice App, you can even track your pizza so you know it’s the delivery guy at the door and not some kids demanding candy. 

Pizza Box Possibilities

Are you one of those big kids who hasn’t outgrown Halloween mischief? Let your Side Piece Pizza box be your prop while you spook the kids on the block. Write “Free Pizza Slice” on the empty box, leave it empty or put in fake bugs, a plastic skeleton hand, etc. and leave it outside (preferably in line with your doorbell cam). Then, enjoy the shrieks and chaos while you mentally prepare to clean eggs off of your door in the morning. 

Not a trickster? Use your pizza box for crafts! You can paint it, cut a circle in the middle, and use it as a pumpkin stand. You can also cut out Halloween shapes like bats or pumpkins for quick and easy door decorations. A pizza box is also easily decorated to be a candy holder that closes snugly between trick-or-treaters and keeps the contents from spilling. It’s also the perfect size for displaying full-size candy bars if you just happen to be one of the coolest houses in the neighborhood. 

If you need a last-minute costume, a pizza box or two can help you make one in a pinch. You can make a Samari or Knight costume. 3 pizza boxes open at 90-degree angles and are connected to make a cube, so you can make a robot costume, a giant Rubix cube, or even one-half of a pair of dice. With free-quality cardboard, the sky’s the limit. If you’re super pressed for time–or lazy–then just dress up as a pizza delivery person and bring along the box! 

Even if you’re not creative, at least you created a meal for your family by ordering Side Piece Pizza for dinner this Halloween.