Lunch Is Just Another Special Thing About Side Piece Pizza 

Lunch Is Just Another Special Thing About Side Piece Pizza 

Give Your Wallet a Break and Let Side Piece Pizza Make Lunch Today    

Side Piece Pizza wants to give you a pick-me-up while the economy is a little down. That’s why they offer their $10 lunch special of a piece of pizza, fries, and soft drink every weekday from 11 am-3 pm. You get a lot for such a little price, especially since Side Piece cuts a large and hefty slice. That’s just the kind of nice Side Piece Pizza is–that and the fear is real that their Italian mothers will hear they didn’t properly fill up someone’s stomach, and they’ll get the wooden spoon.  

Once Again Ladies and Gentlemen, New York  

It probably won’t surprise many that the modern idea of lunch originated in good ole NYC around the turn of the twentieth century. Before that, lunch was more of a snack and one that was supposed to be able to fit in your hand. But just like the Italian immigrants in Brooklyn did with pizza, lunches were made bigger and more popular until they were put on the menu, literally and figuratively. If you want to align with the Old World lunch standard, then just fold your piece of pizza for a seemingly pared-down portion. Just another magic quality of NY Style pizza!  

Zest For Their Guests 

While they’re not finding fun ways to put some pep in their customer’s step, the chefs of Side Piece pride themselves on being creative as well as consistent. While they’ve clearly mastered the main menu, they like to spice things up a bit like this week when they cooked up this Buffalo Chicken Pizza. This bad boy has buffalo sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and blue cheese, chicken, and is topped with red onions, ranch, and parsley, but will only be offered while supply and demand last. Another fair warning: make sure you have plenty of mints on hand if you’re planning on going in for a kiss with your sweetheart after trying this pizza treat. Or better yet, bring in bae and both of you savor the flavor–and amazing lunch special–judgment and guilt-free. 

Lunch at Side Piece Pizza is the way to go! They are always coming up with something special, be it pies or prizes, so follow them on Instagram to know when to drop in.