Meet Phil – The Sweet Little Alien at Greene Street Kitchen

Meet Phil – The Sweet Little Alien at Greene Street Kitchen

 Say Hello to Phil and Prepare Yourself for an Out of This World Dessert Experience

When you bite into a decadent dessert, do you want it to taste like it’s from out of this world? Are you looking for a sweet tooth satisfying experience of intergalactic proportions? Greene Street Kitchen has a friend we’d like to introduce you to. His name is Phil, and his arrival from outer space has more than a few of our guests talking and making special trips in just to see him.

Who is Phil anyway?

Phil is the affectionate nickname of the adorable alien looking creature that has become the showstopping centerpiece of what is arguably the most sought after of Las Vegas Desserts – Greene Street Kitchen’s Space Invader.

The Space Invader is the galactic mastermind creation of GSK’s Pastry Chef, Krista Seal. Once The Space Invader landed, it didn’t take long for it to become a fan favorite – attracting the attention of tourists and celebrities in the area. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to find yourself face to face with an endearing alien from another world.

Phil – The Space Invader that’s So Sweet on the Inside

The Space Invader, also known as Phil, is a new spin on Baked Alaska that you won’t find anywhere else in the Universe. On the surface Phil is sweet faced and unassuming enough but dig a little deeper in the heart of this alien, and you’ll discover just how unforgettable he really is.

The Space Invader is Baked Alaska made with perfect angel food cake, strawberry sorbet, and a cereal milk ice cream that has been infused with Fruity Pebbles space dust. Then, Phil gets dressed in galactic green Italian Merengue before he’s warmed up with a little torch and primped with a burst of blue spray to complete his stargazer appearance.

The final touch? Phil sits in a delicious pool of crème anglaise that has been drizzled with strawberry coulis and sprinkled with more Fruity Pebble dust. But we can’t forget about the final addition that really adds personality to Phil – two googly eyes that make Phil so adorable that the idea of digging your fork into him almost a little too much to bear.

Close Up of Phil on the Space Invader at Greene ST. Kitchen

Prepare to Meet Phil Face to Face

When Phil makes his way to your table, he doesn’t do it subtly. He arrives on a spaceship inspired platform, complete with rolling steam and spaceship style presentation. As your server removes the lid from Phil’s ship, you and your guests become engulfed in clouds of steam created by dry ice. Meeting Phil face to face is a true sensory experience that you’ll never forget.

The Space Invader, featuring Phil, has become a bit of cult icon in terms of best desserts in Las Vegas. He has garnered the attention of celebrities, famous foodies, and has even made it onto the list of foodgod recommendations.

What’s standing between you and an opportunity to experience The Space Invasion for yourself? Nothing more than a visit to Greene Street Kitchen, an exciting culinary concept located in the Palms Casino Resort.

About Greene Street Kitchen

Greene Street Kitchen is a restaurant in the Palms Casino Resort that blends together the very best of amazing food, art and the flavor of New York City’s Soho district in a dining concept that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Stepping into Greene St. Kitchen is like stepping into a different world, in a different time, and is a completely immersive experience. GSK is a little bit punk, a little bit pop culture, and a whole lot of unforgettable.

Maybe this is why Phil chose the Greene St.  Kitchen in Las Vegas, out of all the other places in the world, to land his Space Invader. Like Phil, Greene St. Kitchen is bold, assertive and guaranteed to provide your taste buds with an out of this world experience.

The Space Invader attracts crowds, but Phil isn’t the only thing worthy of attention on Greene St. Kitchen’s menu. We offer a selection and shared and larger plate options that are perfect for lingering over with great company. From our raw bar to an array of plant-based options, and a 24oz Tajima Ribeye that’s a carnivorous feast fit for a king, Greene St. Kitchen always over-delivers.

It’s time to appease your curiosity and head to Greene St. Kitchen to meet Phil face to face for yourself. We promise he’s harmless, other than you might become a little obsessed with his adorably alien looking face. How can you catch a glimpse of this other worldly dessert? RSVP at Greene St. Kitchen today – Phil is looking forward to meeting you.