National Pepperoni Pizza Day Calls For a Trip To Side Piece Pizza

National Pepperoni Pizza Day Calls For a Trip To Side Piece Pizza

Celebrate America’s Favorite Pizza Type With Summerlin’s Best Pizza Restaurant–Side Piece Pizza! 

It’s National Pepperoni Pizza Day, so come into Side Piece Pizza and celebrate with a slice of this perfect little pie. As of this year, 64% of Americans claim that pepperoni is their favorite pizza topping, so it’s a good thing that Side Piece makes the best version of it in Summerlin–that way you can have it delivered or grab it in person and not miss on partaking in this great excuse of a reason to have pizza. 

Little Pepper, Big Punch 

Pepperoni is another one of those Italian-American immigrant fusion creations that helped add magic to this country, and don’t listen to those that look down their noses at it because it wasn’t invented in Italy. The people who created pepperoni were, so that’s all that matters. The name pepperoni derives from the Italian word for bell peppers and was likely created by Italian immigrants who were trying to do their best with ingredients at hand to recreate the salami they had back home. According to an article in The New York Times, the term pepperoni was first recorded in print around 1919, which means we’ve been blessed with its presence for just over a century. 

y (pizza) tho? 

How pepperoni became a staple on pizza isn’t that hard to determine. The Italian food trifecta is bread, meat, and cheese, so it was only a matter of time before someone slapped some on a slice. Its smoky taste coupled with the kick it provides is one of the reasons why it is a fan favorite. Another reason is that it curls up at the edges when cooked (some debate whether it’s supposed to, but that’s a debate for another day), so it acts like numerous little wells for the delicious oil that bubbles up from the cheese, keeping it from dripping off the sides and wasting the taste. Practical and helpful in the kitchen? No wonder pepperoni is a Nonna favorite too!  

If you want a preview of the perfect pepperoni pizza waiting for you at Side Piece Pizza this National Pepperoni Pizza Day, peep their Instagram–just try not to drool on your phone!