National Pizza Day at Side Piece Is A Dream Come True

National Pizza Day at Side Piece Is A Dream Come True

Enter Side Piece Pizza’s Dream Pizza Contest For National Pizza Day

February 9th is National Pizza Day, which is basically allowing yourself to think and dream about pizza 24/7. It’s also a great chance to be creative and think up all the ways you can make pizza even better (it seems impossible to improve on something that’s basically perfect, but be pizza positive please). That’s why for National Pizza Day, Side Piece Pizza is holding its Dream Pizza contest where customers can make their pizza dreams come true! 

Dream Pizza Contest Deets

If you’ve got some pizza ideas cooking in your kitchen, then submit them to Side Piece Pizza through social media like on Side Piece’s Instagram. The top three submissions will be selected by the team at Side Piece Pizza and will be made in-house for everyone to try! There will be a celebrity panel (stay tuned for that exciting reveal!) that will decide on the winner. The best part? The person who wins will receive free Side Piece pizza for an entire month! To recap, that’s getting your dream pizza made by a famous pizzaiolo, getting to try it and others, hanging out with a panel of celebrities and possibly winning a free month of pizza from the best pizza place in Summerlin. Side Piece Pizza definitely delivers–literally and figuratively!


Last Year’s Dream Pizza Contest Winner

Want some inspiration? Check out last year’s finalists @realfatboyfrench @aeroems @mvill17on Instagram. They got to have their pizzas made by Chef Enzo and then judged by celebrity panel food influencer Drew Belcher (@unlokt0); Co-host of the Food and Loathing Podcast Al Mancini (@almancinivegas); and model and professional dancer Mariah Rivera (@mariah_rivera) at Side Piece Pizza in real time! Real Fat Boy French was the winner with his French’s choice pizza! His pizza with pesto/alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, peppers, parmesan cheese, and arugula made him a Side Piece Star. You can check out his winning moment here on Instagram and drool over his winning pizza here