Share A Slice with Side Piece Pizza

Share A Slice with Side Piece Pizza

Pizza Confessions Are Good For The Soul  

It’s a new year, and many are focusing on setting new goals and resolutions in order to feel better, like losing a few pounds. One thing that takes some weight off your shoulders is letting out some of those secrets you’ve been holding. There’s nothing heavier than guilt! So if you’re looking for an instant way to feel a little lighter without giving up other guilty pleasures–like pizza–try sharing a pizza confession! You can share a slice with Side Piece Pizza like these brave souls below. After all, Side Piece is a pro about keeping things on the down low–it’s even in the name! 

Close To Getting Crusted 

Carlie has a pizza confession that goes back over three decades. Growing up, she had a phase where bread gave her the ick, so she would peel the cheese and toppings off her pizza and leave the crust. Her older brother told her she was a weirdo for doing it, so when Carlie was at a sleepover where they served pizza, she panicked. She hid the crust in her sleeping bag so no one would notice and make fun of her. She thought she got away with it until the host’s dog started sniffing and pawing at her sleeping bag, tearing a hole in the outer lining. The dog got in trouble and locked away, and Carlie spent the entire night in a ruined sleeping bag with pizza crust between her toes. 

Hide and Go Stink

Bobby’s pizza confession is from his college days. He would order a large pizza on nights that he was going out to party so that he could have it for dinner and also have it on hand for some drunk snacking when he got home. It was a great life hack in theory, but his roommates could smell pizza like sharks with fresh blood, and often he’d return to find his precious pizza compromised or gone. So, Bobby started hiding his pizza, but sometimes he hid it so well that he forgot where it was, and he only found it later when it started to spoil. Once he found a pizza crushed between his boxspring and mattress. Another time they called an exterminator because they thought an animal had died in the attic–nope–another one of Bobby’s hidden pizzas. He eventually just got a lock for his mini-fridge after that. 

Things Got Way Too Saucy 

Mila’s pizza confession was more of a pizza mystery at first. While she was pregnant with her first child, Mila had horrible heartburn. She had heard that this meant that her baby would be born with a lot of hair. But when her daughter was delivered, she was practically bald! Mila was perplexed until a few weeks later when she called to order pizza for delivery, and they asked if she still wanted seven extra sides of marinara sauce with it. It had seemed totally normal to Mila to dip every single bite of her pizza in extra marinara sauce when she was pregnant. Post-pregnancy, that’s just an exorbitant amount of citric acid for one person! 

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