Side Piece Pizza Gets It White With Their Pizza Bianca

Side Piece Pizza Gets It White With Their Pizza Bianca

Have a Taste of Italian Tradition at Side Piece Pizza

Don’t believe the age-old rule that white isn’t allowed after Labor Day–it’s got stuck-up origins anyway. Plus, if you do follow that outdated and outrageous advice, you’ll miss out on Side Piece Pizza’s sexy staple the Pizza Bianca. This tomato-less dish is an old-school tradition rooted in medieval Italy that’s still worth keeping in rotation, especially if Chef Enzo is the one making it. 

If the Translation Fits

The word bianca in Italian literally means “white*”. While its name isn’t the most creative, the different variations of the dish are. The only true rule for this pizza is that there can’t be any red sauce in it, likely stemming from the days prior to the introduction of tomatoes to Europe from the “New World.” Some variations use pesto sauce or even sour cream, while others simply leave off any sauce altogether and use a coating of olive oil sprinkled on top with salt and maybe a little rosemary. If it sounds bland, it’s probably because you’ve never tasted it.

*Fun fact, the name Bianca is thought to be the Italian version of “Blanche,” which seems like a more appropriate name for Rue McClanahan’s character on Golden Girls. Sophia at least would have approved. 

Side Piece Formula 

If you’re worried about Pizza Bianca being too boring for your tastebuds, fear not: they should perk up when they hear that Side Piece uses plenty of cheese for their take on this Old World classic. Chef Enzo and the team begin concocting this creation by drizzling on a heavy pour of virgin olive oil over the freshly rolled dough. Next, they sprinkle on a solid cover of mozzarella cheese, followed by pads of evenly spaced ricotta cheese. Once that baby slides out of the pizza oven, it’s a toasted-edged, bubbling beauty. To witness this white magic for yourself, check out this sizzlin’ Side Piece Insta post. 

Break free from useless traditions and dive into the glorious ones of old: come to Side Piece at Red Rock Casino for some white pizza.