Side Piece Pizza in Summerlin Uses Only the Best Ingredients

Side Piece Pizza in Summerlin Uses Only the Best Ingredients

Is Pizza Actually Good For You? Learn How Side Piece Pizza In Summerlin Uses Only the Best for the Best

No one needs to be convinced of pizza’s awesomeness or deliciousness. The savory smell of sauce in the air is enough to make you salivate. We’re surprised the scented candle industry has not monetized it yet. While we can agree that pizza is tasty, there are some who avoid it based on the idea that it’s not exactly “good for you”. However,  some of us are more of the “fitness slice of pizza in my pie hole regardless” club. The good news is that most misconceptions about pizza’s lack of nutritional value are due to the processed and synthetic ingredients used by most pizza places. Unlike most, Side Piece Pizza in Summerlin uses fresh and natural ingredients, making the pizza not only taste better than the rest but also be better for you. 

In Good Taste

Using fresh ingredients makes food taste better, no question. That’s because to preserve food, a buttload of salt and sugar is used to keep it edible, altering the taste considerably. To can food, it has to be sterilized through boiling, which also makes food lose its natural taste and lessens the number of nutrients. The preservation of food is not a bad thing. Presevering food is an important part of combating famine and starvation and modern life as we know it. But, when hen it comes to having the choice of fresh over processed food, it’s a no-brainer and one that can actually help your brain as well.

The Trifecta 

There are three main major nutrients needed to build a well-balanced meal: carbs, protein, and fat. As luck would have it, pizza crust and cheese are excellent providers of all of those, with the fiber from the tomato being a beneficial bonus (pretty sure fiber is considered a carb, but we’d have to ask Cady Heron to be sure). In fact, nutritionist Chelsey Amer has stated that a slice of pizza can actually be a better option for breakfast than a sugar serving of cereal. Read more health facts about pizza from this article at Tomato Wellness, and save your leftover Side Piece Pizza for an amazing morning meal (don’t you dare heat it up!)

Elleness AND Wellness

Elle Woods famously states in Legally Blonde, “Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” In a similar line of thought, splurging on Side Piece Pizza releases serotonin, serotonin makes you happy, happy people are more likely to be healthy. While eating pizza every single day probably isn’t good for you, splurging on something tasty and that you love certainly is. With its fresh ingredients, balanced nutritional value, and amazing taste, Side Piece Pizza is a viable option for a healthy meal. 

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