Side Piece Pizza Puts a New Spin on “American Pie” 

Side Piece Pizza Puts a New Spin on “American Pie” 

A Slice of History: Side Piece Pizza Honors Americans Past and Present This 4th of July Weekend 

Side Piece Pizza is serving up history this 4th of July weekend. Although pizza originated in Italy, it is a dish deeply-rooted in America’s formative years. In the early 1900s, millions of Italians set sail for America in search of economic prosperity and opportunity after years of hardship in their homeland. Many were forced to leave their families behind, bringing only their traditions and the clothes on their backs. They were sad and fearful to leave their beloved Italia, clinging to hope that the stories of The American Dream were true and that they could come home with their pockets full and their heads held high. 


The journey to America wasn’t over once the Italians reached New York Harbor–rather, it was just beginning. Most knew a distant family member or relative who came over before, and in a culture focused on family and community, it was no surprise they settled together in a section of NYC eventually dubbed Little Italy. Here Italians from all regions crammed into apartments and small shops doing their best to make ends meet. Pizza was made and eaten frequently because the ingredients were simple and cheap. What soon became a staple of American cuisine was initially a slapdash meal for hungry Italian immigrants trying to survive. 


Many Italians who came over never returned, sending their money from work in the mines of the Heartland or on construction crews for skyscrapers to their family back home. Like this story, Italian cooking has been taught and passed down orally from generation to generation. For many of us, the only written record of our family recipes is a single name in a historical ledger of Ellis Island. The blood, sweat, and tears of Italians helped make this country what it is today, and we are extremely proud to be Americans. 

In honor of our country and our Italian ancestors who helped build it, Side Piece Pizza created the Red, White, and Blue Special–a classic pepperoni pizza topped with blue cheese. This 4th of July weekend, in pizza we crust. Order your special pie for pickup or delivery!