Stay In With Side Piece Pizza This Shopping Season

Stay In With Side Piece Pizza This Shopping Season

Safely Shop From Your Sofa With Side Piece Pizza on Black Friday 


Do you love the concept of Black Friday savings but absolutely hate it in practice? Then change your game this year and stay in with Side Piece Pizza! Thanks to big-time brands going online, you can stay snuggled inside while fueling up with the best pizza in Summerlin. That means you get to avoid the 66 billion people who still do their shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and still score the best deals of this mega-deal day! 


Black Friday’s Dark History 

If your instinct is to stay in on Black Friday, that might be because it wasn’t always the bright and beaconing light of shopping saves and sprees. The name for this day actually comes from Philadelphia police officers in the 1950s-60s. The annual Army-Navy game would take place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so people were hustling to get shopping out of the way before gameday. Officers weren’t allowed to take the Friday after Thanksgiving off and usually had to work overtime. The crowds would be chaotic and traffic and shoplifting were rampant, so naturally, cops had to find a name to capitalize on this dreaded day, and “Black Friday” was born. 

Online Alternative

Thankfully, the online era of shopping is here and you don’t have to fear large crowds anymore. Black Friday has even extended throughout the weekend with Small Business Saturday/Sunday and Cyber Monday. That means you can stay in with Side Piece all weekend, support local businesses, and still nab all the best deals without leaving the house! Ordering Side Piece online is just as amazing–you can use the Side Piece website and get a point for every dollar spent with Side Piece’s Loyalty Program. Or go through the Slice App for loyalty points and earn a point for every dollar spent with Side Piece’s Loyalty Program. Now that’s a great reason to stay in with Side Piece all the time! 


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