It’s National Pizza Month and We’ve Got the Ultimate Sunday Fan Feast

It’s National Pizza Month and We’ve Got the Ultimate Sunday Fan Feast

Feast Your Eyes–And Your Stomach–On Side Piece’s Epic Sunday Fan Feast Special

October is National Pizza Month and with Football season well underway, Side Piece Pizza decided it’s a great time to create a special celebrating both important times of the year. Statistically, Sundays are the busiest day for pizza places, so make sure you give yourself enough time between securing this sizzling, saucy Sunday fan feast special and the start of the game! 

Sunday Fan Feast 

Side Piece Pizza’s Sunday Fan Feast is big enough to probably feed an entire football team (peewee level–not professional. This special is probably what Maxx Crosby alone eats daily for breakfast). For only $45 you’ll get two 14’’ pizzas with a choice of one topping; 2 large salads–either the Tuscan with mixed greens, blue cheese toasted walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette, or The Caesar with crisp lettuce, toast croutons, and lemon pepper caesar dressing;  and 2 orders of garlic knots with marinara dipping sauce. What’s normally an $80 cost is now yours for only $45–the epitome of a steal of a deal. 

Methods, Man 

Given the hefty size of this feast, and that FedEx and UPS were really weird about loaning their trucks, this special is available for pick-up and to-go only. However, there are still several really easy ways to ensure that your order is ready and waiting for you when you get to Side Piece if you don’t want to order in person: just call ahead, use the Side Piece website, or go through the Slice App. Don’t forget that you’ll get loyalty points via the Slice App as well as earn a point for every dollar spent with Side Piece’s Loyalty Program. As Chandler Bing would say, “Could this deal *be* any better?!”

Want to peep this epic feast for yourself? Check it out here on Side Piece Pizza’s Insta.