The Best Desserts in the Desert Are at Side Piece Pizza In Summerlin

The Best Desserts in the Desert Are at Side Piece Pizza In Summerlin

Grab a Taste of Two of the Best Desserts in the Desert at Side Piece Pizza 

Side Piece Pizza has obviously mastered the art of authentic Neapolitan pizza and cuisine to be the best pizza place in Summerlin and any disbelievers need only take one bite of a slice to think otherwise. Naturally, given their master culinary expertise that has proven to please, the two desserts that Side Piece has on their menu are *chef’s kiss* as well. Like Sigfried and Roy or Netflix and Chill, pizza and dessert just go better together, so if you haven’t tried the cannoli or angioletti on Side Piece’s menu, it’s time to hop on board the savory and sweet express. 

Holy Cannoli 

In a land as ancient as Italy, some traditions go back thousands of years to the Roman Empire. Dessert, however, is not one of them. Sweets weren’t widespread in Europe until the late seventeenth century, and most people got their sugar fix from fruit. To this day, most Italians actually prefer fresh fruit after a meal. That’s actually why a lot of Italian desserts are on the harder or crumbly side and –surprise!–taste better with a glass of wine. Luckily, Side Piece Pizza is based in America and draws on its Italian roots, so their desserts, like the cannoli, are both sweet and sizable. Cannoli is actually a Sicilian-inspired dessert primarily given as a gift during Carnevale that became a worldwide favorite. Side Piece takes this hollow pastry shell filled with ricotta and dips it in walnuts and chocolate chips for a crunchy, nutty kick. 

Little Angels 

In Italian, Angioletti means “little angels” and is popular street food from Naples made from leftover pizza dough. Sometimes angioletti are served as an appetizer where you can dip them in a marinara sauce or olive oil or they make a great addition to a hearty salad. Other times, angioletti is served based on the American cuisine question of “how can we make this sweeter and richer?” Side Piece has taken this Italian classic and actually incorporated a more modern Italian staple: Nutella. Nutella is like the peanut butter of Italy and can be found in any Italian cupboard. Side Piece serves their angioletti fried in six strips, covered in powdered sugar, and topped with a Nutella drizzle. It’s American-Italian street food fusion, and it lives up to its heavenly name. 

Savor the Flavor of the Best Desserts in the Desert at Side Piece Pizza 

Next time you’re at Side Piece Pizza, indulge your sweet side for a perfect pair with Italian flare.