Ain’t No Party Like a Side Piece Pizza Party! Take a Bite of the Best Slice in Summerlin

Ain’t No Party Like a Side Piece Pizza Party! Take a Bite of the Best Slice in Summerlin

Side Piece Pizza in Summerlin Serves the Best Slice of Pie AND Mystery   

In elementary school, there was nothing that could get you jacked up more than a pizza party. Heck, even the promise of a pizza party was enough to make spitballs stop flying or that chatty kid to finally shut the eff up for once. We know why pizza parties are awesome. 1. Everyone loves pizza 2. It’s an economical way to feed a lot of people. They’re so epic that they even had the first pizza party in space a few years back. But who invented the first one? When was the first actual pizza party? Nobody—not even Google—knows.  While Unsolved Mysteries decides whether or not to pursue this investigation, here are a few theories as to who threw the first pizza party and why. 

Miss Honey From Matilda

Since pizza parties are elementary, literally and figuratively—it makes sense that an elementary school teacher came up with the idea. As for which teacher, the money is on Miss Honey. For one, she is the nicest teacher of all time who cares about her students and probably wanted to reward them/ease their exposure to Ms.Trunchbull. Moreover, her awful aunt took her inheritance, so Miss Honey was on a tight budget, so pizza just made economic sense. Lastly, she probably figured out a way to use the first pizza party as a way to teach math to the rest of the class while Matilda was busy doing calculus and quantum physics in her head. 

Corporate Capitalism 

If you’ve seen Christmas Vacation and the phrase “Jelly of the Month club” means anything to you, you’ll know where this is going. Corporations, always looking to increase profit and decrease spending, crunched the numbers and found pizza financially palatable (pun intended) to use as a quick way to increase morale while slowly siphoning out bonuses while employees were in the break rooms having their slice of the pizza–but not the corporate–pie. The likelihood of this being the beginning of such a joyous thing as a pizza party isn’t probable, but all leads must be followed through. And if you are a CEO abusing the sanctity of a pizza party like this, then as the SWAT Commander in Christmas Vacation says, “That’s pretty low, mister! If I had a rubber hose, I would beat you…” 

A Freak Accident 

Of all the theories, this one is probably the biggest stretch, mainly because it involves a level of science and understanding of physics not fully comprehensible by most (author included). However, the logic is there if you really want to see it. Back in 1973 when the strip mall was invented, there was a fresh new one housing a daycare, a paper products supply store, and lastly a pizza place. As strip malls were new, commercial electrical wiring was still working out the kinks. One day, while all the kids and employees were outside on the playground, an electrical fire caused an explosion near a stack of freshly-made pizzas, and pizza and paper plates flew straight through the roof, twirled up in the sky, then landed perfectly sliced and plated on the picnic tables near where the children safely played. No one was hurt, and the pizza party movement started with a bang. 

The Legend Lives On 

The origin story of the pizza party may never be solved, but Side Piece Pizza does have one solution to help with the frustration of never knowing: throw a pizza party with Side Piece Pizza! They deliver, use real and nutritious ingredients, and the slices on their pies are big enough to feed more than the average chain could ever obtain. The taste of Side Piece Pizza is so good it makes everyone feel like an excited little kid again.