The Las Vegas Seafood Lovers Guide to Greene St. Kitchen

The Las Vegas Seafood Lovers Guide to Greene St. Kitchen

Greene Street Kitchen isn’t your average Las Vegas restaurant. 

Inspired by the pure, raw artistic energy that characterized New York City’s SoHo neighborhood in the 1980s, our establishment, located in the world famous Palms Casino, is unlike any other

Our menu is filled with exotic and creative offerings that are designed to delight the palate…you’ll be challenged (in a good way) by the unique flavor combinations and ingredients employed by our super creative kitchen staff. 

One of the sectors that truly shines on our unique menu? Seafood. Our menu features an incredible variety of seafood dishes, each one more appetizing than the last. Let’s take a tour through the menu: 

Shared Plates 

Start your meal off right…or compose a meal of small plates! Our shared seafood plates are ideal for…well, sharing. The creative flavors among our seafood focused shared plate offerings are bound to satisfy your cravings: 

Crispy Calamari: Talk about some stellar squid! Our crispy calamari is served with Calabrian chili aioli, pine nuts, lemon, and capers. 

Hamachi Sashimi: Fresh and delicious. Beautiful sushi-grade fish is served with yuzu ponzu, chili garlic, and micro shiso. 

Spicy Crispy Shrimp: Don’t miss these crunchy delights, served simply with Japanese style aioli. 

Maine Lobster Rolls: Nothin’ but the best. As our menu succinctly puts it: “butter poached lobster on warm griddled brioche buns, yum!”

White Fish Ceviche: Everyone loves ceviche. Ours is extra fancy, thanks to a composition including red onion, citrus, lettuce cups, and jalapeno. 

Tuna Pizza

Tuna Pizza: This is quickly becoming one of our more popular menu items…a creative pizza featuring tuna, served with black garlic soy aioli, pickled pearl onions, and white truffle. It’s out of this world! 

Grilled Octopus: It doesn’t get much better than our perfectly prepared grilled octopus. We serve ours with romesco, confit potatoes, and olive tapenade. 

Legs and Eggs: Crab legs or caviar…why decide? We serve ‘em both with this unique dish, which features butter poached king crab legs, kaluga caviar,  melted leeks, and roasted garlic butter.

Alaskan King Crab Tempura: This perfectly crispy tempura comes with a little sweet heat on the side: it’s served with sweet ponzu, chilies, and micro cilantro!

Raw Bar 

At Greene Street, our Raw Bar offerings may be simple, but they’re anything but humble. Simplicity is perfection when the seafood’s this fresh! No other Las Vegas seafood restaurant strikes the same balance.

As Hector Bolitho wrote, “Oysters are the most tender and delicate of all seafoods. The stay in bed all day and night. They never work or take exercise, are stupendous drinkers, and wait for their meals to come to them.”

Let us bring oysters to you at Greene Street: our Market Coastal Oysters are served by the half-dozen or dozen and come with basil cucumber mignonette, cocktail sauce, and lemon. 

Our Poached Shrimp Cocktail, served with lemon and cocktail sauce, is another delightful dish served in our raw bar. 

Sushi Yacht - Greene Street

Sushi Yacht

Why have sushi on a plate when you could have it on a yacht? This bodacious boat comes fully loaded with sushi and sashimi, and is sized for a group. Note: this item takes a little longer than some other menu items to assemble…Pre-orders are strongly suggested! 


That’s hand rolls, of course! At Greene Street in Las Vegas, we’ve got some great rolled seafood options to offer:  

  • Yellowtail: A classic, served with jalapeno, yuzu, and bubu arare (tiny baked rice crackers).
  • Spicy Tuna: Spice is nice on this crowd-pleasing roll, which is made with spicy chili sauce, cucumber, and kaiware.
  • Baked Crab: Flavorful crab is combined with crispy onions and spicy aioli for a truly memorable finished dish. 
  • Spicy Crispy Shrimp: Sweet shrimp is succulent when combined with green onions, spicy aioli, and soy paper in this roll! 
  • Spicy Salmon: The inimitable flavor of salmon, together with cucumber and avocado. Perfection!


Our delicious entrees aren’t your average seafood entrees. Our chefs always pull some surprise, from an unexpected ingredient or flavor to a creative preparation.

Glory Bay Salmon: kale + cippolini onion + confit potatoes + grainy mustard jus

Spaghetti Lobster-Homard: This dish is for fancy and highly interesting people––hey, sounds like you! Feast on this pasta dish featuring a half lobster, applewood smoked bacon, cream, and fresh cut chives. 

Whole Steamed Striped Bass: The rich, mineral-forward flavor of striped bass is augmented with melted leeks, broccolini, cilantro, and “sucio” sauce. 

Greene Street's Big Ass Lobster

Big Ass Stuffed Lobster: The name says it all! This fattie is filled with lump crab, ritz cracker stuffing, drawn butter, and lots of lemons. You’ll love it! 

The Final Word on the Best Las Vegas Seafood

Greene Street Kitchen is a restaurant that defies categorization. Our menu shines in a variety of ways, and our seafood offerings are no exception. See for yourself how delicious the seafood options are at our art-filled establishment! With plenty of tasty menu options and a full bar, we’ve got everything you need for a great evening out. Make a reservation today!

Have you sampled the seafood at Greene Street? What was your favorite thing to try?