There Are No Stranger Things Than Putting Pineapple on Pizza  

There Are No Stranger Things Than Putting Pineapple on Pizza  

Side Piece Pizza Vs. Putting Pineapple on Pizza

If you’re a hardcore fan, then you’ve probably devoured the last episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 by now. While it was definitely a thrilling ride full of intensity and oddities (and unanswered questions), one of the weirder things from this season was the character Argyle. And it’s not because of his silly stoner persona or luscious long locks that makes him so unusual, it’s his pizza topping preference: pineapple. Although he’s a fictional character, Side Piece Pizza can’t sit idly by and watch this loveable loner ruin a pie. 

Some Sales Pitch 

Surfer Boy Pizza was once a real business in the 1980s, so the Duffer brothers may have chosen to include it for some authenticity. Adding the character Argyle was also a great move to lighten up a dark premise. This is particularly true when he answers the phone at Surfer Boy Pizza like this, “I still highly recommend slapping some juicy pineapple on your pie. Oh, fruit on your pizza is gnarly, you say? Well, I say try before you deny. … Hello”. It’s no wonder poor Argyle got hung up on, as 24% of Americans say that pineapple is their least favorite topping for pizza. 28% of northeasterners or people over 55 say they hate it. For those who have bit the bullet and have given it a try, only 12% say it’s in their top three favorite toppings, making it the carrot cake of pizza toppings. 

Stranger Still 

Given those stats, it would have been far more realistic to show Vecna enjoying a slice of pineapple-topped pizza. One of the main reasons pineapple is almost evil on pizza is that it contains so much juice. This makes the crust soggy and warps the acidity of the tomatoes. It also turns the pizza into a drippy mess that even Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” can’t bring back. Although it’s a fictional place, one thing Side Piece Pizza does respect about Surfer Boy Pizza is that it claims all of the ingredients used are fresh (except the pineapple that comes from a can, per Argyle). Using fresh and premium ingredients is important and add to the quality of taste, which is why you know Side Piece Pizza is the real deal and not some fake from the Upside Down. 

If you are looking for a bit of fun, you can call The Surfer Boy Pizza number and listen to Argyle yourself! 

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