Side Piece Pizza Turns Fiction Into Reality For Treat Yo’ Self Day 2022

Side Piece Pizza Turns Fiction Into Reality For Treat Yo’ Self Day 2022

Let Side Piece Pizza Help You Celebrate Treat Yo’ Self Day Your Way 

October 13th is unofficially official “Treat Yo’ Self” Day after the iconic episodes featured in Parks and Recreation. What is “Treat Yo’ Self” Day? As the character, Tom describes: “Treat. Yo’. Self. Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to? Clothes. Treat yourself. Fragrances. Massages. Treat yourself. Mimosas. Fine leather goods…It’s the best day of the year.” This fictional feature became a real-life phenomenon after the first episode featuring “Treat Yo’ Self” day aired in 2011 because aside from its hilarity, the premise for treating yourself is actually beneficial for mental health. 

What Does It Mean To Treat Yo’ Self?

The other character of Parks and Rec associated with “Treat Yo’ Self” Day, Donna, explains there are different ways to do it. She says, “It’s not just a day where you go to the spa and then the mall. The point is to pamper yourself.” A “treat” doesn’t necessarily mean a reward, which most people relate it with, nor is it always a physical object. In actuality, a treat is giving yourself something or doing something simply because you want to. It can be monetary, a small physical indulgence, or even just allowing yourself time to do something you enjoy. 

Benefits of Treating Yo’ Self  

Here are the proven benefits of Treat[ing] Yo’ Self: 

  • It’s Good For Your Mental Health 
  • Rewarding Yourself For Positive Behavior Reinforces Positive Behavior Promotes Positive Self-Care 
  • Improves Productivity 
  • Lowers Stress Levels  
  • It’s Contagious 

How To Treat Yo’ Self 

So this Thursday, October 13th, come into Side Piece Pizza in Summerlin and celebrate that you’re not alone in needing a reward, a break, or a little pick-me-up. Get the Combo and have fries with your slice of pizza. Go for a 22-inch pie instead of a 14-inch. Order the Meat Lover instead of just Pepperoni. Have a sweet little dessert of Angioletti after your meal. Sit on a bench in the park away from the noise while you enjoy your Side Piece Pizza. Treat. Yo’. Self. You deserve it.