What Your Go-To Pizza Slice Says About You

What Your Go-To Pizza Slice Says About You

Side Piece Pizza Can Cook The Perfect Pizza and Read You Like a Book! Learn What Your Go-To Pizza Slice Says About You 

Even if you sometimes do a little switch-a-roo, there’s always a specific type of pizza that is your favorite. What you might not know is that your personal pizza preference actually says a lot about you, maybe even more than your astrological sign (just kidding, ladies). Keep reading (and eating) to find out about your pizza persona aka what your go-to slice says about you. 


Pepperoni people are people pleasers, popular in high school, or both. Either way, you’re a social butterfly who is always open to having a good time or down to party. You most likely like to come to pick up your pizza in person at Side Piece just in case you bump into someone you know and can have a quick chat. While you’re very outgoing, you’re not one who deals well with change. You like things to stay the same because it feels safe and reliable, just like your perfect pepperoni pizza from Side Piece, which is completely understandable: when you’re used to the best, why adapt? 


Do not for a minute think that cheese pizza preferers are boring–on the contrary–they are actually just very busy. If cheese is your go-to, then you’re most likely a conqueror, running around with confidence and getting things done. You have no time for anything except the best, enjoy the classics, and run a tightly-scheduled ship, which is why you’re likely to have your pizza delivered by the best place for it in Summerlin–Side Piece Pizza. This will fit perfectly into your schedule between working out and re-tiling your upstairs bathroom while on a zoom call from work. 

Meat Lover 

“Those who love meat are afraid of no one in the street,” said pizza rap artist Lil Slyce. If you actually laughed at that horrible joke, then you’re definitely a meat-lover and not a fighter. People who prefer Meatlovers pizza are not afraid to like what they like or care what people think about them. They’re fearless in general and also a little injury-prone, but they never complain about it when they do get hurt. They do, however, complain when they’re hungry, so it’s best to keep the meat lover’s pizza coming as for most a slice just won’t do. The good news is that they’ll give you a big bear hug–no matter their size or yours–when you bring it to them. 

You Don’t Have One

This is not to be confused with not having a go-to slice on this list but rather not having one at all. Like, when someone asks you what you want you just say “whatever” and mean it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that probably means it’s time to grow up, Peter Pan. You need to start making decisions and probably get a box spring for your bed. It’s one thing to be easygoing, but it’s an entirely different leg of the game to not care. Prioritize your life’s ambitions immediately, starting by trying all of Side Piece Pizza’s different options so you at least know where you stand, then proceed the route of life.