When is an Arcade not an Arcade? When it’s a Las Vegas Speakeasy!

When is an Arcade not an Arcade? When it’s a Las Vegas Speakeasy!

Greene Street Kitchen at Palms Casino Resort is not only the bee’s knees in terms of fun and frivolity, but you can actually order this classic prohibition era cocktail on your next visit. Taking on the ambiance and style of a speakeasy, this Las Vegas restaurant and watering hole gets the fun going from the first step: a unique arcade entrance.

Drinking and Dining at the Best Speakeasy in Las Vegas

Visitors and residents in Las Vegas know that there is an undeniable energy pulsing through the town. The town is alive with beauty and bright lights all around. The reason people return time and time again is because of the inspiration they find in the city which, in large part, is derived from the innovative eating and drinking establishments. Establishments like Greene Street Kitchen at Palms Casino Resort combine the past and the present. There’s a rich history in this city.  One that continues to evolve, and the place in which that tapestry ebbs and flows is most present in Las Vegas is the speakeasy, a throwback to the operations of the prohibition.

With inventive cocktails served inside rich decor, this location provides a respectful nod to the institutions of New York that have continued to operate since the prohibition. Gaining access to an operational speakeasy has almost achieved cult status. Why? Because of the myriad inventive manners in which people access the location. With Greene Street Kitchen at Palms Casino Resort, the speakeasy is accessed through an arcade.  Throughout history speakeasies have been accessed through delis, barber shops, or subterranean staircases that seemingly lead to nowhere. This hole-in-the-wall location is anything but. The inside meets the highest standards with the most unique combination of food and drink solidifying its position as one of the best bars to visit while in Las Vegas.

Why Choose Greene Street Kitchen at Palms Casino Resort?

Here, the decor epitomizes elegance while the drinks are served with style and grace. Perhaps a lesser-known speakeasy, this spot is an essential place to visit whether you are passing through Las Vegas or looking for one of the best bars or restaurants to visit on Friday nights. Some of the standout cocktails are quite adventurous and the mixologist will craft you a cocktail reminiscent of olden times, based on your personal preferences. But it doesn’t stop there.

The cuisine is paired perfectly with the luxurious cocktails. These culinary delights are excellent and should not be overlooked.  The space is tasteful, luxurious, and full of paintings reminiscent of all the beauty in the world.

How to Get into Greene Street Kitchen

Like most speakeasies of old, the front of the venue is tucked away in a noticeable location. Inside an old school video arcade guests enter into the restaurant through a giant, vintage Coca-Cola refrigerator. When you get near the host stand you will see an authentic Banksy painting and while enjoying your dining no matter them dining area you will find unique murals by the renowned artist Kenny Scharf