Why Greene St. Kitchen Is the Vegas Destination for Serious Cuts of Steak

Why Greene St. Kitchen Is the Vegas Destination for Serious Cuts of Steak

Vegas’ Greene St. Kitchen Is a Steak Lover’s Carnivorous Paradise

Ok, there’s something that’s been on our minds lately, and we think maybe it has been on yours too. We’re talking about steak. Not just any steak, but a thick, juicy, beautiful slab of beef that gets your mouth watering just thinking about it. The perfect steak is a carnivore’s dream come true, but the definition of what makes for the perfect Vegas steak is more subjective. Everyone has their opinions about the best cut, and how it should be prepared. 

Along with these details often comes the debate of where to find a killer steak in Vegas. Some argue that the best piece of beef is going to come fresh from your local butcher and then grilled at home. Others will argue over which restaurant always prepares their steak to a level of almost unimaginable perfection. 

Well, we’re not going to argue that hand-choosing a steak right from the butcher’s case and preparing it exactly the way you like isn’t a slice of carnivorous heaven. However, choosing the right cut of meat and then mastering the art of preparing it so that it practically melts in your mouth as the flavor explodes with each bite is something that’s rarely achieved easily at home. 

That’s why we invite you to Greene St. Kitchen where we happily cater to your inner carnivore. Rather than you taking a trip to the butcher’s, our culinary masters do all the hard work and heavy lifting to make sure you get a steak that surpasses all your expectations and lingers on your mind for some time to come. True, Greene St. Kitchen is known for other culinary delights, like their fresh seafood and raw bar selections, but that doesn’t mean we’re not masters at the craft of throwing down some serious game on a serious cut of meat. 

Why is Greene St. Kitchen in Las Vegas the place for steak lovers to gather and rejoice? Well, we can think of a couple of reasons. 

Only Serious Vegas Steak Lovers Need Apply

Unlike some steak houses in the area, you’re not going to find a page and half of steak options on the menu. We think this is a good thing. More options means more chances to get it wrong and provide a less than stellar experience to our guests. The honest truth is there are only a limited number of cuts of beef that meet our high expectations, and we’re not willing to present anything less than the best to our steak loving guests. 

What you will find on the menu at Greene St. Kitchen is two of the most amazing cuts of beef that are arguably the best steaks in Las Vegas. We’re talking about a supreme 10 oz filet, and a 24 oz ribeye that will knock the socks off any steak lover. 

Let’s start by talking about our 10 oz filet. The filet is one of the most elegant cuts of beef you’ll find, and when perfectly grilled, it’s flavor profile is unsurpassed. This steak is cut thick to allow the flavor and texture to really shine through. The filet alone is enough to please even the most discriminating steak lover, but at Greene St. Kitchen, we serve this masterpiece with delicately roasted tomatoes and a bright chimichurri sauce that bursts with flavors. It’s the perfect partnering of the highest quality beef and the bright, fresh flavors of summer. 

Now, we take a turn and talk about the steak that’s going to light up the serious carnivore in your group. If you’re in the mood for a showstopping cut of beef, then our 24 oz. Tajima rib-eye has the wow factor you’re looking for. 

The rib-eye is a preferred cut of meat among culinary masters. It’s a super flavorful cut of steak with just the right fat content to ensure that it stays melt in mouth tender. When prepared properly, one would have a hard time arguing that this piece of meat was anything short of a steak lover’s dream. 

There’s no reason to settle for any ordinary rib-eye, however. We lay it down with 24 oz of thick, juicy carnivorous heaven. Not one to fade into the background, we make sure that our rib-eye stays on your mind by dressing it with harissa butter, jalapeno, and garlic for just the right amount of heat to kick the whole experience up a notch or two. 

More Ways to Enjoy Glorious Beef at Greene St. Kitchen in Las Vegas

Our steaks are guaranteed showstoppers, but even if you’re not in the mood for a thick, juicy cut of beef, there are other ways to enjoy the highest quality beef in Las Vegas. At Greene St. Kitchen, located in the legendary Palms Casino Resort, you’ll also find artfully prepared Wagyu beef tataki, sliced Wagyu with shoyu sauce, and one of the best burgers in Vegas. When you’ve got a serious craving for some beef, you’ll never regret making the Greene St. Kitchen your destination of choice.

The only question left now is what are you waiting for?

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