Why Tequlia Tuesday Is Better at Greene St. Kitchen

Why Tequlia Tuesday Is Better at Greene St. Kitchen

Tacos on Tuesday? How About Tequila Instead at Greene St. Kitchen

What’s your favorite day of the week? If you’re someone who spends the entire week looking forward to the weekend, you’re missing out on some incredible opportunities to take part in some mid-week fun. For instance, you’ve surely heard about taco Tuesday – the day of the week where restaurants everywhere celebrate getting past the early week slump by devouring plates full of one of our favorite foods. 

Nothing against taco Tuesday, but at Greene St., we tend to think that the best things in life aren’t necessarily wrapped in a taco shell, so we’ve come up with an entirely new spin on the traditional taco Tuesday. Instead of satisfying your craving for a little mid-week fund with a taco or two, why not enjoy the day with another Mexican favorite – tequila. 

Why “Taco” Tuesdays are Better at Greene St. 

When you’re looking for a Tuesday getaway at a restaurant in the Palms, which also happens to be the place where you’ll find some of the most unique art in Las Vegas, there’s no other destination that matches Greene St. Kitchen – or GSK, as our friends call us. 

GSK is known for a lot of things, but tacos isn’t one of them. With an eclectic menu that pays homage to Soho while also honoring some local, regional favorites, GSK has become the spot to go for a fresh, unique meal or appetizers with friends. 

Since we’re not focused on Mexican food, we decided to leave the taco part of taco Tuesday to someone else and tempt you with what we do best – satisfying your taste buds and your craving for an amazing time at one the hottest Las Vegas Restaurants. 

That’s why our taco Tuesday incentive is a little different. Join Greene St. Kitchen, and get ready to enjoy all you can drink Cazadores for $20. All you can drink tequila, for $20? Yes, you read that right – you can never say we don’t know how to show our guests a great time. 

When you and your friends step into GSK on Tuesdays, you can order up as many sips of Cazadores that you can handle for $20 when you order any appetizer – after all, we would be bad hosts if we let you sip on all that tequila on an empty stomach. 

About Cazadores Tequila

We wouldn’t want to try and convince you to change your Taco Tuesday tradition with just any tequila. That’s why we chose Cazadores as the suggested guest of honor at your table. Cazadores, the child born of don Jose Maria Banuelos in 1922, is a tequila that’s truly representative of the spirit of highlands of Jalisco. Sourced from 100% blue agave, this tequila brings an entirely new flavor to Tuesdays. 

The silver form of Cazadores is the purest – non-aged and infused with the flavors of agave. Expect hints of citrus and herbal notes, combined with one of the smoothest finishes you’ll ever experience from a tequila. If you prefer your tequila with a bit more color, Cazadores ages their tequila in new American oak barrels, infusing them with hints of peppery smoked wood, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

No matter what you’re preference in tequila, there’s no question that Cazadores is the perfect companion for your Tuesday evening. 

Satisfying a Tuesday Night Appetite at Greene St. Kitchen

As mentioned, if you want to enjoy all you can drink Cazadores, you also need to put something of a little substance in your belly. You’re going to find our appetizer menu is filled with all the types of tempting teasers you crave. 

The shared plate options at Greene St. Kitchen are fresh, incredible, and a far cry above anything you’ll find on any other menu in Vegas. Imagine sipping on a little citrusy Cazadores while sharing some Hamachi Sashimi with great friends. Or, maybe you’re more in the mood for Alaskan King Crab Tempura, White Fish Ceviche, or Wagyu Beef Teriyaki. 

Our suggestion? Order a few to keep the table happy – and yes, we even have chicken wings with a blue cheese sauce for the appetizer traditionalist in your group. 

Tequila, Not Tacos, Makes Tuesdays Better at GSK – Time to Start a New Tradition

How do you plan on spending your next taco Tuesday? We think it’s time to break away from the standard and the expected, and step into Greene St. Kitchen instead. RSVP and come join us this coming Tuesday, not for tacos but for the best shared plates on the strip and all the smooth Cazadores tequila you can drink. We can’t wait to see you. 

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