Best Pizza Delivery in Summerlin



Clique Hospitality’s Side Piece Pizza is the go-to fast casual spot for traditional hand-tossed New York City pizzas. Located at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Side Piece Pizza is an easy one-stop shop for locals and visitors alike. Guests can get their lunchtime and late-night appetites satisfied as Side Piece is open each afternoon to late night. Inspired by traditional Italian pizza craftmanship, Side Piece offers a big city-certified menu featuring classic cheese, pepperoni, vegetable, sausage and meatball, as well as traditional white pizzas. Side Piece also features Italian-inspired favorites including stromboli, salads, antipasti and dessert.


Best Pizza Delivery In Summerlin

There are many reasons why driving to get your favorite slice might not be possible. No matter the why, Side Piece Pizza has the how–we make pizza delivery in Summerlin easier than ever. Whether it is ordering online here on the website, using the Slice App, or just your good old-fashioned call in order, we got you covered when you are craving that perfect pizza.

Why Choose Side Piece Pizza?

Side Piece embraces a “make love, not war” mentality and offers both so you don’t have to choose between them and can enjoy the best of both the old and new world in one location. So, you can fold your pizza or eat it square, prefer crispy thin crust to thick, and nobody at Side Piece will care. You’ll be so full and satisfied, you won’t put up a fight–about pizza anyway. The owners are avid UFC fans after all.

Our wide-ranging menu also offers temptations like mouth-watering five layer meat lasagna or stromboli. You can drool all you want over these hot little dishes, but they know the tried and true pizza is why you’ll always come back.

If you’re still unsure about whether we serve the best pie in Summerlin, Nevada, it’s time you experience it for yourself. Order now for pickup or delivery and savor every single bite. We know you will.